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The company PAPADAKIS DIMITRIOS in Heraklion, Crete, markets solid fuels for heating, certified quality.
Pellets are divided into three main categories, Woodpellet made of 100% wood, Biopellet made from energy plants and Agropellet made from agricultural residues. But besides the main categories in the market there are pellets made with various mixes, these are subcategories but because the choices in the mix are too many there are no Standarts. The top quality of pellets is that of woodPellets and depending on the type of tree they are proportional and their value.
It is necessary for the pellet you choose to work with DINplus or ENplus. Certification of pellet quality is essential for both environmental and practical reasons, as a certified product has much greater possibilities to market.
Core fuel is a product derived from the treatment of olive-pomace in the nuclear industry. Olive oil is a byproduct produced in olive presses after processing of the olive fruit.
The core fuel is composed of:
  • From the core of the olive tree
  • From the fleshy part of the olive tree
  • From the peel of the olive tree in the form of powder
Its composition as a fuel is about the same as that of wood, its humidity usually ranges from 12% to 15%. Of great environmental importance is the very low to low sulfur content and that the fuel does not contain toxic compounds or heavy metals. Also, a very important element from both the environmental and the operational point of view is that the ash of the core is between 3.5% and 4.5%.